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  • Swimming Pool

    Taiwan creates the outdoor swimming pool of SPA in brine system first, can enjoy the blue sky white cloud, sun bath the outside, and enhance the metabolism and let your skin slip the delicate delicacy.

  • Sauna

    The main facilities takes a shower bath, massages the public baths, sauna, oven, bathes Finland and pounds at the spring, ice, hot water pool, can let you remove tired and in high spirits.

  • Gym

    All import the equipment for the new style, inside have running machine, mountain climbing vigorous in steps machine, comfortable lie type the workout the car, two use recommend the chair, sit-up chair and synthesize the weight to train the machine, paddle boat machine etc.

  • Sega World

    The merriment stimulates the dynamoelectric amusement park, is a place that enjoys every kind of amusement facilities, super and big game space, every kind of latest game model allows you choose.

  • Billiard

    We have ten pool tables.
    There is another 4 ping-pongs table providing stop for the night the guest usage.